Selce is a late antique settlement that dates back to the second century. It owes its rich history to its specific geographic position (upland, coastal and isle air) which favoures treatments of heart, rheum and respiratory disorders. Selce and its surroundings abound in cultural and historic sights.Various cultural events and performances and numerous other events (concerts, exhibits, folklore, fishermen’s festivities…) take place here during summer.

Selce also provides a number of facilities for sports activities (tennis, mini golf, beach volleyball, water-polo, surf, diving with certified instructors, sailing, water skiing). In its close proximity there are nineteen cycle tracks and an equestrian club. There are also possibilities for parasailing, kiting, hunting and rafting. National park Plitvice and Risnjak are only a 100 km away. Plitvice are a unique national park, a natural phenomenon which glamoures with beauty of its flora and fauna, numerous lakes and waterfalls. For those who prefer a calmer and easyer vacation, we reccomend one-day boat excursions to the island of Krk or walks along idylic pathways by the sea, rides with an opened trolley or swimming and sunbathing on nudist beach. Sandy, craggy and nifty furnished beaches of Selce carry the European Blue Flag for its high water quality and environmental management. Surely You will enjoy the rich gastronomy and a great selection of fine wine for which the entire region is farfamed.